How can the cost of transportation be reduced despite the subsidy removal: Federal and State Governments, this is a call for action!

Babajide Babatunde M (BBM)
2 min readJun 1, 2023


Ten (10) months ago, I made a thread here standing against the ”Mafias” at Nigerian parks.

These people had to be stopped as they do not seem to have any economic benefits.

It can be largely argued that all public parks are being maintained by the government, not these mafias. Evidence is LAWMA sweeping the parks and the Ministry of Works carrying out renovations. (Check your state budget).

What are the economic benefits of the Mafias extorting passengers? What is the work of the NURTW? Are the levies collected being duly remitted to the government?

Who can explain to me like a 5-year-old child?

When you pay those thugs “daily tax”, it’s not taxation, it’s mafia-style criminal extortion.

Nigeria has the lowest tax to GDP on earth (lower than Afghanistan) yet States look away as citizens are extorted daily. (Kudos to the FIRS, now 11%)

By ‘thugs’ I mean agbero- those people in Lagos (car parks generally) who collect money from commercial drivers and motorcycle/tricycle riders.

Imagine if those extortions were recorded & earmarked.

In addition, these Mafias inflate prices once the demand is high due to occurrences such as traffic or rain. They double prices without conscience.

I, therefore, challenge the federal and state government to regulate this uneconomical inflation which isn’t caused by the fall in the purchasing power of money.

In my opinion, it is high time the government imposes a ban on those levies to lessen the effect of the removal of fuel subsidies on Nigerians.

Federal and State Government, we plead ❤️👏

Disclaimer: These are my thoughts, and only mine. Not a representation of a body or organization.



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